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September sunset

I was taking a walk home after work the other day and found myself being a fortunate spectator; the sky was showcasing it´s autumn palette of colors to the world. I really wish that I had my real camera with me that day, but I had to make do with my cellphone. Image license is the same as for everything else on vidar.in/blag – CC-BY-SA.

2013-09-10-19.37cqwe 2013-09-10-19.3s92013-09-10-19.3cc7 2013-09-10-19s.39 2013-09-10-19.ss39 2013-09-10-19.scs39 2013-09-10-19.420 2013-09-10-19.41 2013-09-10-19.412 2013-09-10-19.41.27 2013-09-10-19.40s 2013-09-10-19.40 2013-09-10-19.39c 2013-09-10-19.39 2013-09-10-19.38ww2013-09-10-19.38cscsss2013-09-10-19.38