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Music on my mind

I bought an insanely expensive piece of software a couple of weeks ago, it’s intended for making music and I am now trying to learn how to use it properly. As insanely expensive as it might be, it’s equal parts complicated and so it will take quite some time to figure out just the basics, let alone more advanced stuff. But it’s great fun and an awesome outlet for creative bouts, I feel like I’ve found my “thing” and I can’t picture myself ever growing tired of it.. I have melodies and lyrics pouring out of my brain constantly wether I want it or not, and so I guess that I might as well go with the flow on this one, especially seeing as I really enjoy it. Now, if I could only learn how to sing as well. Heh.
Wish me luck on it, I’ve got a feeling that I might need it.

Attached is a short clip, a draft of a song I am currently making. Be warned, it’s trance-ish.

“Why do you keep saying these things,
that you do not mean?
You’re hurting everyone you love,
and now you’re hurting me.

It’s like you can’t hold back when
things wont go your way
But if you can’t turn this around..
Don’t count on me to stay”