Tabify content using jQuery and modular patterns

Some random code by yours sincerely, heavily modularized as to make it easy to extend on it.


<ul id="tabs">
    <li data-tab="users">Users</li>
    <li data-tab="groups">Groups</li>
    <li data-tab="permissions">Permissions</li>
<div id="tabsContent">
    <div data-tab="users">Users page</div>
    <div data-tab="groups">Group page</div>
    <div data-tab="permissions">Permissions page</div>

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September sunset

I was taking a walk home after work the other day and found myself being a fortunate spectator; the sky was showcasing it´s autumn palette of colors to the world. I really wish that I had my real camera with me that day, but I had to make do with my cellphone. Image license is the same as for everything else on – CC-BY-SA.

2013-09-10-19.37cqwe 2013-09-10-19.3s92013-09-10-19.3cc7 2013-09-10-19s.39 2013-09-10-19.ss39 2013-09-10-19.scs39 2013-09-10-19.420 2013-09-10-19.41 2013-09-10-19.412 2013-09-10-19.41.27 2013-09-10-19.40s 2013-09-10-19.40 2013-09-10-19.39c 2013-09-10-19.39 2013-09-10-19.38ww2013-09-10-19.38cscsss2013-09-10-19.38

Welcome, citizen of the Universe.

You are now being served by the digital version of “me”; a specific member of the strange species that was, by themselves, named “Homo Sapiens Sapiens” or simply “humans”.

Try not to be alarmed by any sudden noise or illegible handwriting, as humans are known to be erratic, easily frustrated and do occasionally bite. There are (approximately) 400 different kinds of bacteria in their saliva so you may want to pay your local health consultant a visit on the occassion that any bodily injury stemming from oral conflict should occur.

Please enjoy your stay and do send us post cards from any other solar system you may happen to visit.

The Blag Maker

Do not contact the help desk with questions regarding translation errors, as they are non-refundable with absolutely no exceptions. By reading this post, you have also voided all warranty and forfeited any insurance you may have brought with you on this journey. There are, however, emergency shelters evenly spaced along the path, where you may stay for a bit and rest. A map marking them out will be available (at no cost) on December 12th 2019, or when nobody on planet Earth is suffering of starvation any longer; whichever happens first.