Three thoughts on the dozen.

I’ve got three thoughts to pass on to the universe today, out of which one is an honest question. Do not worry, it’s not a long read. All is well.

Just as we all have the capacity to hate furiously, regardless of circumstance and beyond all reason.. so do we also have the capacity for love, as grand and unconditional as life itself. It’s a mere choice of focus and perspective.

The mightiest weapon against violence and war is to see in every stranger’s face not a potential enemy, but a potential friend.

Logically and practically – how can people be allowed to starve in a world of endless abundance? How can the mere idea or thought of it even exist in a system bound by no other limits than those we set ourselves? How can it be in the interest of anybody to own more than they can possibly consume and enjoy? What logical reason could there be to hoard resources you cannot and never will use, when it means other people will have to lead horrible lives because of it? What is the motivation? I cannot wrap my mind around this, I cannot understand. It simply does not compute.